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black swan au

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You should definitely read Joshi Shougakusei Hajimemashita. Lots of lolis :D!


I already have, anon! 

I even have the reaction images to boot!

Haha parents are weird. Shinobu is pretty cute :). What I really want is an Erio Touwa dakimura :D, she's super cute!


I can definitely agree that Erio is super cute, but I would personally want a figure of her.




Or as I like to call her- The Candle Witch Pokemon. c:

Inspired by a Pokemon fusion sprite between Gardevoir, Chandelure, and Mismagius made by pokemonscrap


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Lol your parents are cool. What exactly did you tell your dad to make him keel over from laughter? I have a Mao Amatsuka dakimura and when I first bought it, my mom called me a pervert lol since Mao looks kind of young. I love my dakimura <3


I told dad almost verbatim the story I told you about how I ended up with a dakimakura and because that’s something he would do when he was younger, he found the story hilarious. I really want a dakimakura of Oshino Shinobu, so that’s pretty high on the list of “things to buy when I have a job.” She is my queen.


K-ON! Official Art

K-ON! Official Art